Drive Your Triumph Day


A big thank you to all the Triumph and Standard owners around the world who took the time on Monday, February 10th, to participate in Drive Your Triumph Day, to commemorate Sir John Black's Birthday.

I'm overwhelmed by the response, with great photos and stories that came along with them.  My favorite has to be the photo used for the album cover.  Not necessarily the best picture, but the story!  This Triumph owner is 99 years old and out for a drive in 30F degree temperatures in his Spitfire with the Kansas City Triumph Club.  Gotta love it!

There are so many other great photos from around the world, I hope you enjoy them all.  When you are scrolling though the photos, I've tried to include information in the file name:  Name of owner, year and make of the car, and were in the world the photo was taken.

If you want to check out photos from DYTD 2017, 2018 & 2019, click on the Pictures & Videos link in the top menu.

Until next year, have a great time driving your Triumphs and Standards, and be ready for DYTD, February 10th, 2021.


Rye Livingston
Activities Chairman
Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club
1960 Triumph TR3A